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Jenna W

Our wedding day was a dream come true thanks to the amazing people at Med Manor!! It was our first stop on our venue search and it ended the search very quickly! Once we went outside in the back to the gardens, we fell in love. All the office staff made sure we felt comfortable and informed throughout the whole vendor/planning process, despite us moving 800 miles away halfway though. Michele and Danielle kept in constant contact. Wedding day was unbelievably perfect! The MatreD Mike and Bridal attendant Stefanie were phenomenal! From keeping me and my wife from seeing each other prior to coming down the aisle, to keeping our drinks full.. they went above and beyond any expectation I had. I couldn’t have pictured a better day !! I would recommend anyone searching, go talk to Michele at Med Manor, you will not be disappointed !

Megan M

If I could give Med. Manor a million stars, I would. Zoli and his staff was wonderful to work with, for the past two years. I’m a big foodie, as are a lot of my friends and family, and we all wish we could eat here every day of our lives. They met and exceeded all food expectations throughout cocktail hour and dinner. My in-laws requested a suckling pig during cocktail hour, and it did not disappoint. The maitre’d Stephanie was an absolute angel! She met and exceeded every need I could have had! Overall a wonderful experience from top to bottom, and if I could relive the day over and over, I would because they certainly made it a day to remember

Marie A

My husband John and I had our wedding at Mediterranean Manor in August this year and WOW what an affair! From start to finish, working with the in-house planning team was great. They helped me make sure I didn’t forget a single detail. They also had renovations done in my room with ALL wood flooring and color lights!!! The vendor package I added on was a wonderful addition… and the food…. AMAZING! I upgraded to the filet mignon for my beef dinner entree and it was definitely money well spent. If you are looking to get married for an affordable price that will not break the bank, call Mediterranean Manor!!! Amazing!


We got married this past September at Mediterranean Manor! Amazing is an understatement! From the moment we walked in we knew this was the wedding venue for us. Michele offered us a private food tasting with sample table set ups personalized to my vision. We had the ceremony in the Garden and were able to take pictures and do our reveal it this breathtaking setting. I was delivered in a carriage, just like a princess. The staff was so awesome, so personable, not your typical robot style caterer, they were so accommodating to everyone, not just us! We were able to custom design our menu and specialty drink offerings! I recommend the Sangria Cart! Elisa created a unique exit cart with bakery goods, drinks and even white castle burgers, my husbands late night favorite! I wish the wedding never ended. Almost two months now and we are still hearing from family and friends how this was the best wedding they ever went to. I cannot thank Elisa, Michele, Danielle and the entire staff at Mediterranean Manor for the most magnificent wedding.

Jessica and Marc

Great time on Main Street in December 2016 for the Patchogue Village Christmas Parade! Thank you to our beautiful married couple, Jessica and Marc, for putting their wedding attire on and riding in the decorated carriage!

Featured Couple: Joselle and Mike

Joselle and Mike

Your First Names: Joselle and Mike

Wedding Date at Mediterranean Manor: September 4, 2016

How did you meet each other?: We met each other at work over a function we had. We spoke basically the whole time we were working, laughing and enjoying each others company. From that point on we spoke everyday, went on numerous dates, and after a month of dating he asked if “we wanted to be exclusive?” Well I guess you can say we liked each other a lot.

Tell us about your proposal!: It was our four year anniversary together and Mike decided to take us to the local beach near us. After being at the beach for two hours, Mike said he had a surprise for me. We pulled up to the local ice cream place, Ice Cream Cottage, where we went on our first date. It was then that I realized he was taking us back to our first date which included going to the beach and out for some ice cream. We both got our same ice cream we had four years ago and after Mike finished his ice cream, he came back to the bench and got down on one knee. He said “four years ago today we came here and I just have to tell you I love you very much”. He then took out a ring pop and asked if I would marry him? I started to laugh because the ring pop was an inside joke Mike and I had where he would only be able to afford a ring pop as a ring! After I said yes to the ring pop, he then took out another small brown box and as he opened it he said “really, will you marry me?” At first, I was shocked and speechless (in a good way). But as he placed the ring on my finger, I said yes!

What is/was your wedding décor theme and colors?: We are going to have a mixture of ivory & lavender flowers. My bridesmaids and Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor are wearing Raspberry. We don’t really have a particular wedding theme in mind but our “table numbers” will be date nights we went on throughout the past 5 years!!

Why did you choose Mediterranean Manor as your wedding venue?: Mediterranean Manor is an absolute beautiful venue!! My family held a lot of family functions here over the past 10 years like my older sister’s wedding reception and christening parties for my niece and nephews. I also just had my 10 year high school reunion here this past August (2015) and it was an awesome night! Mediterranean Manor is very affordable and with the “Who You Know Package” it makes wedding planning so much easier and less stressful. Zoli, George, Kate and everyone else at Mediterranean Manor make you feel as though you are part of their family and will make sure you have the best, most memorable party you ever dreamed of. They will always accommodate you with whatever you need and will help you plan the best wedding. The addition of the Rose Garden is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! It feels as though you are at a destination wedding. We chose not to go to a park or a different place to get our wedding photos done on our wedding day because we knew that the Rose Garden was the perfect place for us to take our wedding pictures! This is going to make such a nice scenery for our pictures and the flowers will be beautiful at the beginning of September!!

What is one piece of advice you have to other brides planning their wedding?: I would say just to have fun and try not to let the stress get to you! Follow a timeline of wedding planning and join forums online with other brides that will be having their weddings around the same time as you and the same year. I joined 2016 Brides of LI Weddings on Facebook and it has been such a huge help and you are able to connect with other brides and share personal stories of your life, wedding planning, how to cope with opinions from others, etc. It has been a huge help for me during my wedding planning process and fun all at the same time. Oh and when looking at venues see if they have package deals including florists, DJ, limo & photographer.

Anything else you would like to add!: I can’t wait to celebrate my big day with such wonderful people surrounding us!

Featured Couple: Concetta & Matthew

Concetta & Matthew

Your First Names: Concetta & Matthew

Wedding Date at Mediterranean Manor: 10-12-15

How did you meet each other?: OkCupid

Tell us about your proposal!: We went to Foxwoods for a weekend and getaway and he proposed there.

What was your wedding décor theme and colors?: fall/red

Why did you choose Mediterranean Manor as your wedding venue?: Because we loved everything about it! From the food, to the staff, to the gardens, everything was exactly what we wanted!

What is one piece of advice you have to other brides planning their wedding?: Take it all in, it goes so fast and in a blink of an eye it’s all over.

Anything else you would like to add!: Med Manor is the absolute best! 🙂

Mediterranean Manor

Featured Couple: Nicole & Alex

Nicole & Alex

Your First Names: Nicole & Alex

Wedding Date at Mediterranean Manor: September 23, 2017

How did you meet each other?: The first time I met Alex was at my house, I was about 9 or 10 years old. I was playing with my younger sister while my older brother and his friend were in his room. Little did we know, that my brother’s friend just so happened to be my future fiancé.

However we were to young to even think about each other as more then just a common friend. Years later, my younger sister saw Alex at a his friends house down the road packing his things to move to his apartment, she went over to him and they began talking about me. My sister got home and quickly told me she gave him my phone number and where they were going to be that night and that we were invited. So of course we went. From then on we began dating, in secret for a bit until my brother became okay with it. So thanks to my brother for being his friend and having us meet, and thanks to my sister for matching us up.

Tell us about your proposal !: We took a drive out to Montauk beach, one of our favorite places to be. Usually we go camping but we decided to go to look at the lighthouse. Of course on the way it was too foggy to go into the lighthouse so we decided to go walk by the jetty. As soon as we started walking on the rocks he called my name to turn around, and once I did I found him on his knee with a big smile on his face. He asked and I couldn’t be happier to say yes. (We also got a nice parking ticket while he was proposing, which was pretty expensive, but a funny story to say the least).

What is your wedding décor theme and colors?: We are looking to do a vintage/rustic theme. However we just want to have fun. We are still unsure but we think our colors are going to be red and gray.

Why did you choose Mediterranean Manor as your wedding venue?: The outside of Mediterranean Manor is what stole our hearts! Even though it cannot be guaranteed with the weather, we fell in love with the beauty. The inside cocktail hour room is beautiful. And the reception room is perfect. The people we spoke to, were patient and answered all our questions and made us comfortable to know this was our place. Of course the all inclusive package made our bank account happy as well, we have been to a few events and the service has always been outstanding, so why not have such great hospitality on our special day.

What is one piece of advice you have to other brides planning their wedding?: Ask questions, even though you feel like a pain, it never hurts to ask something. I love to plan ahead of time and when I have a question I automatically write it down or email someone from Mediterranean Manor and they answer me within the day, sometimes minutes, which puts my mind to ease.

Mediterranean Manor

Featured Couple: Kelly & Anthony

Kelly & Anthony

Your First Names: Kelly & Anthony

Wedding Date at Mediterranean Manor: 7-3-15

Tell us about your proposal!: Tony asked me to marry him at a beautiful vineyard in Georgia, he made sure my two best friends were there to celebrate with us!

What was your wedding décor theme and colors?: White with hints of sangria.

Why did you choose Mediterranean Manor as your wedding venue?: I loved the idea of an all inclusive package especially being an out of state bride.

What is one piece of advice you have to other brides planning their wedding?: Definitely, hire a videographer. We were up in the air about it but the day goes so fast that it’s hard to remember it all. We are so happy that we did!

Anything else you would like to add!: I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. The Mediterranean Manor made me feel like a princess and everything about our wedding was absolutely perfect.

Mediterranean Manor

Featured Couple: Diana & Eugene

Diana and Eugene

Your First Names: Diana and Eugene

Wedding Date at Mediterranean Manor: December 3, 2015

How did you meet each other?: We met on eHarmony.

Tell us about your proposal!: It was Christmas Eve and we were going to a party and he asked me to get a tissue out of the glove box and when I opened it, the ring was sitting in it.

What was your wedding décor theme and colors?: Red and ivory.

Why did you choose Mediterranean Manor as your wedding venue?: We heard many good things about this place and Eugene’s sister also had her wedding there.

What is one piece of advice you have to other brides planning their wedding?:
Get it done early so there is no stress!

Mediterranean Manor

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